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Actions taken by Trump: Buzzfeed is keeping one.

99 Ways to Fight Trump, started by

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Where Is The Resistance?

I took a few days off because the barrage of negative acts enacted by the President became a bit much but pleasingly when I returned today to Twitter, I found that there no fewer than 2accounts that are believed to be “rogue” groups of employees from various government agencies, including the fucking White House itself!

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Shifting To The Extreme

The Trump Administration is definitely practicing a well-known deal-making strategy – start by asking for much more than where you are willing to end up. This is obvious in their sustained, outrageous, acts that move the political discussion far to the right. Any reconciliation achieved ends up being more to the right of the spectrum, and gives GOP members of Congress some cover to say, “Look, we made him behave moderately.”

This post lists some of the ways in which this is happening. Read more…

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