I will write a NodeJS and Javascript tutorial, starting by focusing on ExpressJS.I am following the view/controller instructions from https://appdividend.com/2018/02/03/node-js-express-tutorial-beginners-2018/ and the ORM instructions from https://stackabuse.com/a-sqlite-tutorial-with-node-js/

When running the npm init command, the prompt for “test command” is the command run when npm test is called for the project.

Sections to-do

  • Package Management
    • Explain dependencies (ref):
    • Reviewing NPM packages: Look at https://www.npmjs.com/package , etc.
    • To work on a package, you download it (e.g. via git clone), go to its root which contains package.json, and run npm install
    • To update packages run yarn upgrade-interactive.
  • Setting up Git/Uploading to Github: create .gitignore, etc.
  • JavaScript topics:
    • Promises: The function passed to new Promise is called the executor. When the promise is created, this executor function runs automatically. It contains the producing code, that should eventually produce a result. Note that Promises can have many implementations.

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ls -l