These are various resources suggested and contributed by volunteers for the ESL classes at the Oakland’s High Street Presbyterian Church. Molly is tracking a calendar of activities that ESL volunteers¬† have conducted at the church, for the Fall session of 2018.

From Gary: A helpful guide of activities for newcomers from “pre-literate” communities…. I think the activities seem about right for many of our students. This in two parts, the PDFs are relatively large (about 10MB each)

Renee suggested using the New Oxford English Picture Dictionarya PDF copy is available online for download.

A friend teaches ESL and recommends using this book: Fun With Grammar by Suzanne Woodward.

Simple English Audio Clips

There are a couple of websites I have found a whole lot of great audio clips on.

I have used these in some of my classes, for listening comprehension. These should play in your browser when you click the links, or you can right-click and hit download in your browser to have a copy available locally. I have used my phone’s data plan to play these off the Internet in class:

  1. George’s Best Friend
  2. A Grand Vacation
  3. Do It Like This
  4. At The Airport
  5. At The Department Store
  6. Coming To Town
  7. Leaving on a Jet Plane
  8. Apple Pie
  9. Bookworms
  10. The New Class