The Trump Administration is definitely practicing a well-known deal-making strategy – start by asking for much more than where you are willing to end up. This is obvious in their sustained, outrageous, acts that move the political discussion far to the right. Any reconciliation achieved ends up being more to the right of the spectrum, and gives GOP members of Congress some cover to say, “Look, we made him behave moderately.”

This post lists some of the ways in which this is happening. To start with, Kellyanne Conway is clearly acting as an outrage machine – she threw out the idea of “alternative facts,” throwing the liberal Tweetsphere into a tizzy, and also said that the intelligence community needs to be “respectful of the President,” implying that this is a superior qualification to doing their job of protecting the country’s interest.

On Jan 23, the Administration announced that Bannon, occupying the role of a Senior Counselor to the President, was hiring Julia Hahn, who is a 25 year old rabble rouser. In announcing the news, WaPo noted how she tore into Paul Ryan for supposedly abandoning “grieving moms,” an event that made an impression on only a couple of far-right media sites.

This will surely continue, giving Trump plenty of fake “trading points” that he can pretend to “give” on, while continuing his plunder of the nation’s future for his personal gain.

In more news (Jan 28), Bannon increasingly is pushing the envelope on every possible front: