Jan 21 – pretty successful day for left wing protests. Possibly largest mass protest in the US, coordinated across dozens of cities…

Here are some things that are worth tracking over time:

  • Bill in House (HR 193, 115th Congress) to exit UN: possible attempt to create far-right distractions, sponsored by Alabama Rep Mike Rogers
  • Petition to release taxes. Will the Petitions app on the White House website even be kept going? At any rate, plenty of people saved it to the Internet Archive.
  • Someone should probably just start documenting the lies that Sean Spicer tells (on behalf of his boss.) Or remix his reactions into a video.
  • There’s also the more dangerous stuff Kellyanne Conway will continue to say – I think we should use it as a source of leftist outrage.

Nah, I just want to stay updated in general

Not much to recommend so far, except:

  1.  Trump Tracker (backed by Sam Altman, among others.)
  2. Ground Game, that tracks protests via online links – here’s one someone started for the airport protests sparked 28/29th by the seven-nation ban EO signed by Trump.


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