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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Why Is There NoSQL? Who Took All The SQL?

I’ve been meaning to wade into the NoSQL debate for a while but couldn’t figure out exactly where to start. A comment on a Reddit post about what “backend to choose” got me excited enough to write:

What is a NoSQL DB? That term means nothing – all DBs need a “structured query language” to convert its storage schema into an abstraction you use in your code. “NoSQL” usually means ‘NoSchema’ – or rather, “NoFixedSchema.”

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A Command Line (or Shell) Tutorial

Many beginning programmers will sooner or later run into the problem of figuring out how to use the a command line to configure various applications and to run programs like WordPress or Ruby on Rails. In fact, even programming tutorials for beginners rely on websites like, that have command line interfaces built into them. Any kind of serious programming will require some knowledge of the command line, and that need becomes more acute when you are trying to get stuff done on a computer without buying expensive “Graphical User Interface (GUI)” software.

So what is the command line? In this tutorial, we will cover some basic concepts for beginners, and then point you to the enormous wealth of material on the Internet where you can learn more, once you’ve picked up the basics.

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